Dating h&r revolvers

Table of Contents - State of Michan Wesson who co-founded Smith & Wesson, started a firearms manufacturing firm in 1859, sharing an early patent with Nathan Harrington. Make, Caliber, Type, Serial Number, Model, and Shot for revolvers PR and. Dan Wesson revolvers have serial numbers stamped on the side of the frame.

H&R 949 - Marlin Firearms Collectors Association Wesson produced two trger rifles and spur trger pistols and pocket rifles/shotguns popular for short length holster models such as the discontinued topper compact pocket shotguns. I have a H & R model 949.22 revolver serial # W 2986 can someone provide the mfg. date? Top. The rest of the H&R manufacture dates are;

I Have A Harrington & Richardson Top Break.32 S&. He started a brief partnership in 1871 with his nephew Gilbert Henderson Harrington, as Wesson & Harrington, until Harrington bought him out in 1874. The pat. date is oct 1895 and the ser# 249278, am trying to find how old it is. I believe you have a Hammerless Second Model Small Frame revolver. I have an old H&R 32 S&W CTGE top break 5-shot revolver, blue w/target grip.

Serialization/ Date of Manufacture - NRA Museums In 1875 Harrington and another former Wesson employee, William Augustus Richardson, formed the new Harrington & Richardson Company. In 1894 the company opened a new facility on Park Avenue in Worcester, Massachusetts. The firearms produced through this time to 1911 carry extreme value as orinal antiquities. Serial numbers assned in chronological order. For. 1927-1944 year of manufacture date codes, see. During 1969 the Hi-Power pistol Serial Number code. 801000. H&R. 801001. 856100. COLT. 1943. 856101. 958100. COLT. ** 856101.

Revolver whois about In 1888 the firm was incorporated as The Harrington & Richardson Arms Company. Harrington was president, Richardson was treasurer, and George F. After the deaths of Harrington and Richardson in 1897, Brooks became the manager and the company was held by heirs Edwin C. Orinal rifles and shotguns from these dates are scarce because of their limited production and discontinued parts. We will show you Revolver value, date of creation, location, hosted server, local language and estimated data - The estimated data is a special.

H&R.22 Special, circa 1932 - YouTube In 1950 the company opened a new facility on Cockburn street in Drummondville, Québec, Canada. Jul 7, 2012. H&R.22 Special, circa 1932. This break action 9 shot revolver is from the early 1930's, so we're treating nice with some 22 shorts, which.

Help Interpreting H&R Serial Number The Firearms Forum - The. In the 1960s H&R was acquired by the Kidde corporation and run by the Rowe family. I have an H&R top break 32 cal. pistol in blue with the caliber. decoding H&R serial numbers is not easy and it takes up quite a bit of the H&R.

COMEBACK H&R breaktop and other old desns - Northeast Shooters Warranty cards were sent to 'Industrial Rowe', Gardner, Massachusetts. H&R built flare guns during World War I and a variety of firearms, including the Reising submachine gun, during World War II. When were the H&R breaktop.22's made. Third Variation, caliber only marked on left side of barrel, patent date 10-8-95-------1909-1913.22 rimfire cal. 9 shot, 2 in. barrel, large frame top break revolver, adj. shts, one.

Dating h&r revolvers:

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