Dating proco rat pedal

Page 1 In some embodiments, the musical distortion circuits additionally include pre- or post-distortion or pre- or post-clipping sections. History of the. Pro Co. RAT. Bud Box Rat Official Rat Distortion Site · Version 1 B Box Rat Pro Co Sound · Version 2 B Box Rat Rat MySpace page · Small Box.

Rat Pedal eBay The present disclosure concerns non-linear circuits, typiy for use with electric guitars, other electronic musical instruments or other sources of audio snals, and typiy for use in the creation of musical distortion. Vintage 1987 Small Box Pro Co RAT LM308N Chip Guitar Distortion Pedal. According to the date code on the LM308 IC, it was most likely manufactured in.

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ProCo Rat Distortion & Overdrive eBay When driven to non-linearity or distortion, they add harmonic content that may improve the aesthetic appeal of the guitar sound. Find great deals on eBay for ProCo Rat in Guitar Overdrive and Distortion. According to the date code on the LM308 IC, it was most likely manufactured in.

Vintage Rat Serial #'s? The Gear Page This is primarily the result of the limited ability of the amplifier to continuously track the input snal at hh gain. You can't use the serial numbers to accurately date a Rat pedal. Open it up and look at the numbers on the pots. The 4th and 5th numbers are.

Dating proco rat pedal:

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