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Dead rodent in Dr <b>Pepper</b> bottle, family says

Dead rodent in Dr Pepper bottle, family says When he wasn’t filling prescriptions for customers, he mixed and matched various fountain syrups until his 23-flavor concoction achieved that distinctive but difficult-to-describe fruitiness we recognize today as Dr Pepper. HOUSTON - A Katy grandfather is searching for answers after he said he found a dead rodent inside his grandson’s bottle of Dr Pepper. John Graves of Katy said his 3-year-old grandson, Kayden, drank the Dr Pepper on Sunday after they bought it in Galveston.


DETERMINING THE AGE OF OLD BOTTLES The first Dr Pepper logo, used through the mid-1890s, touted a beverage ed Dr. DGER ODELL PUBLICATIONS. DATING YOUR OLD BOTTLES. One of the most frequently asked questions about old bottles is, 'How old is this bottle?'

Can I drink expired Dr. <i>Pepper</i>? Yahoo Answers

Can I drink expired Dr. Pepper? Yahoo Answers Pepper’s Phos-Ferrates and seemed to reveal two of the drink’s ingredients, wheat and iron. Old post, but specifiy Dr. Pepper tastes horrible when it gets old, not too dissimilar to Elmer's glue. Typiy this taste kicks in around 2 months after. Also, the dates on soda bottles are best before dates, not expiration dates.

Vintage Dr <em>Pepper</em> Collectibles - Collector Information

Vintage Dr Pepper Collectibles - Collector Information When the drink was introduced to attendees at the 1904 World's Fair Exposition in St. Pepper bottle labels proclaimed the drink to be the “King of Beverages,” but by the 1920s, the tagline had changed to “Good for Life.” In fact, the 1920s were a pivotal decade for the beverage. When the drink was introduced to attendees at the 1904 World's Fair Exposition in St. Louis, Dr. Pepper bottle labels proclaimed the drink to be the “King of.

<em>Bottles</em> on the Border The History and <em>Bottles</em> of

Bottles on the Border The History and Bottles of For example, in 1923 the company moved its headquarters from Waco to Dallas, a snal that it was ready to play in the b soda leagues. For continuity, the bottles used by the Barq's Dr Pepper Bottling Co. were. Why Yowell continued to use the old name is unknown. date code for 1957.

Dr <em>Pepper</em> Museum - Collectors

Dr Pepper Museum - Collectors That same year, a new advertising campan was also introduced. This makes it very easy for us to date Dr Pepper objects. that you look on an on-line auction company, like com, for an estimated value of the bottle.

What's new at Dublin Dr <strong>Pepper</strong>? Our 10-2-4 celebration!

What's new at Dublin Dr Pepper? Our 10-2-4 celebration! On everything from print ads to porcelain, tin, and cardboard sns, a character named “Old Doc,” a kindly looking, old-timey country doctor who wore a monocle and a top hat, was paired with a new “10, 2, and 4” graphic, which resembled a clock with three hands pointing to the corresponding numbers. Dublin Dr Pepper, the oldest Dr Pepper bottling plant in the world, will be open for free tours all day and the focal point will be theThe 6-1/2 oz. bottles, dating from 1945 to 1949, were made for the Cedar Rapids, Iowa Dr Pepper bottler by the Obear-Nester Glass Company in East St. Louis, Illinois.

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